Monday, May 2, 2011


"Oporation We Care"

People we are in need of your assistance when this development happen in Alabama within 24/hours I was at my local grocery story and dollar store and went to work buying up too $185.00 worth of groceries and headed to "Going Postal" to see my people to ensure my part in aiding and not just asking but making my contribution to show people we are not just asking for you help but doing the same thing we request.

It's bad over there in Alabama people lost lives, homes, landmarks but worst of all so many memories was lost. Its far worse than they proclaim or show on TV and shame on them but shame on some of us going on with our lives and ignoring this tragedy. As I watched the video below submitted by a friend of mines in Alabama I went to tears just imagining what my people was going threw up there and how critical things have gotten over crowded hospitals, the babies, alders, the disabled people, injured veterans and sick people who couldn't get their medicine. Just think the economy was already bad so what about the hard working poor people who was struggling in the past just getting by who didn't have insurance who are now homeless because of this and we are turning a def ear! (Shame on US!!!

It is not how much you give or what you donate that's important! All that is important is that you do ....Please join us! Help us help these people who are in dire need of our assistance. How can you do so? You can either donate via paypal or you can forward water and non-perishables or clothing. (What ever you send is a blessing!) Even if you can only afford one dollar because ......that's one dollar more than zero!

Make your payment today or send YOUR contributions to:

Oporation We Care
Attention: Ms Genelle Hughes
MJS Quickstop
708 Poplar Avenue
Hunsville Alabama 35816

For more info or to get involved email us:

Thank you kindly in advance for your contributions you will help many we will also be videotaping what we do so that you see we are NOT just talking about what we do YOU SEE where contributions are going!

"Cool V" - OWC Director

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