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I know for some of you you might assume that this is some Hip Hop song with a young rapper talking about nothing but I posted this video to show you the reality of what's still going on and being ignored currently. It's a shame that so much crime is attacking our youth and this video paints a vivid picture not in a violent manner that promotes it but showing you the current state of Los Angeles California we ignore this everyday and turn a blind eye while these problems increase. It's time we take a stand lets unite and play our part every little bit counts.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Local churches collecting relief supplies for victims of AL tornado

Local churches collecting relief supplies for victims of AL tornado: "Two churches on the Grand Strand are collecting relief supplies for tornado victims in Alabama."

Disaster Planning for Pets, Family

How to prepare for earthquakes, floods, storms

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*The earthquake in Haiti last year left many animals in need of medical care. The HSUS
*Planning ahead can ensure that you can keep the whole family together when disaster strikes. Rosemarie Gearhart/Artistic Captures

These are worrying times. Not long after we marked the anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, New Zealand was struck by its own 6.3-magnitude earthquake. Now Japan struggles to provide for the wounded and homeless—people and pets—in the wake of March 11’s tsunami, earthquake, and resulting nuclear crisis.

Here at home, the National Weather Services warns of spring floods "from the Northern Plains through the Midwest and eastward to New England."

A person who plans for disaster is going to be far more able to safeguard herself and her animal companions coupled with tornadoes and snow emergencies already plaguing those areas, it's enough to make anyone nervous for the safety of their family and pets.

"How To Weather The Storm"

The good news is that you aren’t powerless, and you aren’t alone. “A person who plans for disaster is going to be far more able to safeguard herself and her animal companions,” says Sara Varsa, The HSUS's Deputy Director for Emergency Services. “Don’t let the recent tragedies paralyze you—be motivated by them to create a comprehensive plan for taking care of yourself and your pets.”

Start with the basics
- There are things you can do to get ready for natural disasters with pets, horses, and farm animals in mind. If you’re a pet owner, start with the basics:

* Prepare a plan (even for everyday emergencies), including identifying a place to stay that will accept your pets
* Develop a checklist for all your pets’ supplies and medical information
* Identify a friend, neighbor, or family member who can take care of your pet if you are away

You CAN take your pets

The federal government now officially supports including pets in disaster plans. In 2000 The HSUS and FEMA signed an historic partnership agreement to encourage and assist people who want to safeguard their pets in a natural disaster. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate puts it plainly: “Animals are important members of millions of families across this country—and as such they should also be included in our family emergency plans.” With this video, FEMA designated May 8, 2010, National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day.

Since FEMA came on board, it’s become easier to find a shelter that will accept your pets. But don’t assume any shelter you go to will allow you to keep your dog or cat with you, cautions Varsa. “Before disaster hits, reach out to local officials—work with them to confirm that you will be allowed to evacuate with your pets and that cohabitated shelters [ones that take people and their pets] will be available in your area.”


The HSUS has not only been at the forefront of working with government agencies to make sure that animals aren’t left to fend for themselves, but “we’ve also developed a highly trained team that can be deployed to offer animal rescue and sheltering services in the wake of disasters,” says Varsa. “While our rescue team stands at the ready to offer disaster-response aid, I advise everyone to be proactive and make their own preparedness plans. That’s the best way to look after the animals in your care. It will help you sleep easier—and be able to offer help to those who are less fortunate than you are."

Disaster Relief For Alabama Tornado Victims

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Our friends at The A.skate Foundation and Faith Skate Supply are looking to help their community in Alabama that has been hit by the devastating tornadoes recently and they need any help they can get. Read the flyer to find out what you can do. Thanks for your support.

Juno Award Winning Artists Kardinal Offishall, Glenn Lewis, Slakahthe Beatchild, Ivana Santilli and more unite to raise money for African Youth


Canadian Ape Alliance and Nova Music Group present Congo Classrooms for a Brighter Future – A Concert to Raise Funds for School Construction in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Juno Award Winning Artists including Kardinal Offishall, Glenn Lewis, Slakah the Beatchild, Ivana Santilli and more unite for concert to raise money for African school

Toronto, ON – On Thursday May 19, 2011, Canadian Ape Alliance and Nova Music Group present Congo Classrooms for a Brighter Future, a concert to raise much-needed funds for further construction of the Kahuzi-Biega Environmental School in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This amazing event will feature performances and special guest appearances by some of Canada’s most talented artists and celebrities including Glenn Lewis, Justin Nozuka, Kardinal Offishall, Ivana Santilli, Slakah the Beatchild, Ayah, Art of Fresh, Saidah Baba Talibah, Melanie Durrant, Wade O. Brown and more!

As a result of the 6-year civil war, over 5.2 million children in the DR Congo receive no education. The Canadian Ape Alliance recognized a need and began laying the groundwork for the Kahuzi-Biega Environmental School in 2003. In Phase I, funded by the Youssef-Warren Foundation, three classrooms were built and opened in 2007 for kindergarten and early childhood education. Now, in order to allow these children to proceed to primary school, it is imperative that Phase II be launched.

“The Kahuzi-Biega Environmental School differs from other African schools because of the years of unrest in the region, but in spite of these difficult conditions the school has successfully been kept running. The people of this region face many other challenges as well including environmental degradation due to illegal mining and logging, roaming armed militias, burning of the forest for charcoal, and the challenge of basic subsistence. It is therefore vital to the long-term survival of the people of the region that the school not only be kept open but expand to help keep up with the needs of the community”
, said Dr. Kerry Bowman, president and founder of the Canadian Ape Alliance.

“Its incredible to be able to come together with this group of talented artists who can share their God given gifts while helping to give the gift of education to children; something we here in Canada don't have to worry about for our own children and can easily take for granted”, said Grammy Nominated and Juno Award winning R&B singer Glenn Lewis about his participation in the fundraiser.

Proceeds from Congo Classrooms for a Brighter Future will go directly to the Phase II construction of the Kahuzi-Biega Environmental School.

Video with more detailed information about the Kahuzi-Biega National Park and the Environmental School -

Congo Classrooms for a Brighter Future – A Fundraiser for School Construction in the DR Congo featuring performances by Glenn Lewis, Kardinal Offishall, Slakah the Beatchild, Art of Fresh, Melanie Durrant, Ayah, Saidah Baba Talibah, Ivana Santilli, Justin Nozuka, Wade O Brown and more

Where: Revival Bar, 783 College Street, Toronto, ON
When: Thursday May 19, 2011; Doors 8pm, Showtime 9pm

Advance tickets can be purchased for $20 at

To make a donation or for more information visit the Canadian Ape Alliance website Tax receipts are available for donations of $30 or more (not including ticket purchase).

Twitter –
Facebook –

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Nationwide Insurance Providing Humanitarian Relief To Alabama Tornado Victims

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. is distributing humanitarian aid items to the victims of recent tornados at locations in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Huntsville and Cullman, Alabama. The temporary aid stations are located at the offices of four Nationwide agents near some of the worst devastation. Locations include:

* Tuscaloosa: Office of Nationwide Agent, Roger Downs - 40815th St., Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
* Cullman: Office of Nationwide Agent, Martha Burchell - 200 2nd Av SE, Cullman, AL 35055-3514
* Huntsville: Office of Nationwide Agent, Scott Howell - 700 Airport Rd, Huntsville, AL 35802-4360
* Birmingham: Nationwide is seeking to set up temporary aid locations in Birmingham. These locations are not finalized and may change each day.

Nationwide representatives are distributing water and other emergency supplies including diapers, snacks and first aid items to families without power, displaced from their homes or otherwise affected by the storms. The aid stations are open to anyone in need. The company will distribute aid at these locations over the next several days, or as long as there is significant community need.

Nationwide’s claim representatives and agents are assisting customers throughout the state. Procedures are in place providing quick response to customers needs. Nationwide policyholders with storm damage should call the Nationwide claims hotline at 1-800-421-3535 or contact their local agent.


Media General, Inc., owners of NBC 10, announced that WVTM-TV in Birmingham, Ala. is organizing 24-hour telethon for the relief of tornado victims.

The telethon starts at 5 a.m. on Wednesday and continues until 3 a.m. Thursday.

During the telethon, the United Way of Central Alabama will staff an auditorium full of volunteers to answer calls from those people who wish to make a donation. Donations can also be made online and through mobile phones.

NBC 10, alongside Media General's other television stations, is helping to support the relief efforts including streaming a live shot of the United Way Donation Center on its website with details on how to donate.

NBC 10 will simulcast the prime time special on RTV, NBC 10's digital tier channel 10.2. from 9-10 p.m. on Wednesday. During this special, viewers will be updated on the situation in many Alabama communities, donations will be highlighted and various donation methods will be provided.

How to donate:

Phone: Call 1-855-205-HELP or 1-855-205-4357. (Note: The phone line will only be active during the telethon from 5 a.m. Wednesday to 3 a.m. Thursday.)

Online: If you'd like to donate online, visit

Mobile: To donate $10 via mobile phone, text the word 'TORNADO' to 50555.

Mail: If you'd like to make a donation through mail, you can send a donation to: United Way Tornado Disaster Fund, PO Box320189, Birmingham, Ala. 35232.

All donations will be handled and distributed by the UWCA Tornado Relief Fund. Donations will go toward the immediate needs of those most affected and to the long-term recovery and rebuilding effort. Callers may designate donations go to the United Way in any state affected by the deadly tornados.

"The devastation across the state and region in our local communities is horrific and the needs are so great for so many. NBC 10 and our entire Media General family has joined in the tornado relief efforts and we hope many other media entities can join in the promotion of the telethon and various methods to donate," said Gene Kirkconnell, general manager of WVTM.

Monday, May 2, 2011


"Oporation We Care"

People we are in need of your assistance when this development happen in Alabama within 24/hours I was at my local grocery story and dollar store and went to work buying up too $185.00 worth of groceries and headed to "Going Postal" to see my people to ensure my part in aiding and not just asking but making my contribution to show people we are not just asking for you help but doing the same thing we request.

It's bad over there in Alabama people lost lives, homes, landmarks but worst of all so many memories was lost. Its far worse than they proclaim or show on TV and shame on them but shame on some of us going on with our lives and ignoring this tragedy. As I watched the video below submitted by a friend of mines in Alabama I went to tears just imagining what my people was going threw up there and how critical things have gotten over crowded hospitals, the babies, alders, the disabled people, injured veterans and sick people who couldn't get their medicine. Just think the economy was already bad so what about the hard working poor people who was struggling in the past just getting by who didn't have insurance who are now homeless because of this and we are turning a def ear! (Shame on US!!!

It is not how much you give or what you donate that's important! All that is important is that you do ....Please join us! Help us help these people who are in dire need of our assistance. How can you do so? You can either donate via paypal or you can forward water and non-perishables or clothing. (What ever you send is a blessing!) Even if you can only afford one dollar because ......that's one dollar more than zero!

Make your payment today or send YOUR contributions to:

Oporation We Care
Attention: Ms Genelle Hughes
MJS Quickstop
708 Poplar Avenue
Hunsville Alabama 35816

For more info or to get involved email us:

Thank you kindly in advance for your contributions you will help many we will also be videotaping what we do so that you see we are NOT just talking about what we do YOU SEE where contributions are going!

"Cool V" - OWC Director


We would like to thank Huntsville Hottest Hits "HOT 103.5 FM" for reaching out to us for a Free Ice & Water drive yesterday. Thanks to the station manager "Karen Porter" and it's DJ's "DJ Toney Tone", DJ CZA & DJ Fresh as well as "Oporation We Care's" Alabama director "Ms Genell Hughes" also shouts to Tamala Walker and Nickey Douglas a OWC Volunteer. The team hit the pavement and worked very hard supplying the urban community with Ice & Water which has been a major shortage due to lack of electricity.

For new developments and updates check out or call (256) 479-8469

Or for more news and updates stay posted!


We would like to thank to 103.1 Alabama's Hip Hop & R&B number 1# radio station WEUP for their Food & Water Give-a-way yesterday that feed people yesterday. It was a great event and feed many but Alabama is still in need of your assistance for more information stay tuned to 103.FM if you reside in Alabama for those nationwide that want to stay informed log on to or follow them on twitter for more ground breaking developments.

RW Record Pool Announces Food & Clothes Drive

I would like to extend our condolences to Brandon Fisher a.k.a DJ Doughboy member of the RW Record Pool (Ron White Industry Vet Record Pool) Alabama's biggest record pool for the loss of his grandmother. This disaster has not only hit his family hard but left a lot of people homeless and in need. We ask that you keep his family in prayers also for your assistance with any donation you can give nothing is too big or too small! If your would like to send his family and others assistance please send donations to:

The RW Record Pool
Attention: Ron White
799 Baltimore Hill Road
Huntsville, AL 35810

Or for more information just call: (205) 350-3680

Thank You

"Cool V"
Marketing Manager
RW Record Pool

Tornado Effects - Charlie Sheen Visits Tuscaloosa, AL

According to the latest reports, the death toll from the tornadoes is now at 345. This before-and-after aerial shot of Tuscaloosa shows the extensive damage.

Charlie Sheen lands in Tuscaloosa; meets with Mayor Walt Maddox []
Charlie Sheen tours tornado damage in Alabama [Forbes]

Alabama Needs Your Help!!!